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Studimpianti Sei can supply, also with the ìturn keyî formula, plants for the storage and treatment of the raw materials, the automatic weighing of them and the loading of the smelting furnaces.
As far as the loading of smelting furnaces is concerned, our plants can include:

  • The deferrization of the various aluminium scraps and the storage of them by belt conveyor and pocket elevators into the various storage silos.
  • The crushing of the scraps coming from raw materials smelting into the furnaces, the deferrization, the screening and the storage of them into the various silos by belt conveyors, bucket elevators and screw conveyors etc.
  • The storage into the silos by belt conveyors and bucket elevators.
  • The automatic weighing of the stored raw materials by load cells and the conveying of them to the railway vibrating trolley for furnace charging by belt conveyors and pocket elevators.
  • The smelting furnace loading by belt conveyor or travelling vibrating feeder.

All the above mentioned sequences are realised automatically (except for loading of the raw materials by loading shovel and the furnace loading which requires the operatorís input) by: industrial keyboard - monitor with video pages - microprocessor and PLC.

Rotary drier charging plant for aluminium swarf with dynamic weighing conveyors.

Coaling, conveying and storage plant for aluminium swarf installed downstream the rotary drier.


ALCOA ITALIA S.P.A. - Porto Marghera (VE)

  • Alumina and bath conveying and mixing plant (2001)
  • Storage and dynamic weighing for coke dust (2001)
  • Storage and weighing system for refilling anode with carbon dust. (2005)
  • Pneumatic conveying system for dust coming from KEMPLER filter (2006)
  • N. 1 fluoride dosage system on rotating fluidization channel third room / fourth room (2008)
  • N. 1 fluoride dosage system on rotating fluidization channel (2009)  

ALCOA ITALIA S.P.A. - Portoscuso (CA)

  • Mechanic conveying plant, screening and storage, by pneumatic dust conveying slags for aluminium fusion (1997)
  • Extracting, dosing and weighing plant by screw conveyors and weighing belt conveyors for Alumina and bath (1998)

ALFER HOLDING Gmbh - Sollenau (Austria)

  • Crushing, screening, deferrization and weighing plant for aluminium slag (Russia 1991)

DERAL S.P.A. - Manerbio (BS)

  • Iron belt for extruded aluminium swarf recovering (2001)
  • Storage and dosing plant for aluminium swarfs in to briquette machine (2002)

ESTRAL S.P.A. - Manerbio (BS)

  • Recovery and weighing plant for aluminium scraps from extruders (1997).
  • Iron belt for extruded aluminium scraps recovering (2000)
  • Aluminium scraps metallic conveyor system (2003)
  • Aluminium scraps metallic recovering and transport plant (2006)
  • New pocket belt conveyor and modify existing manifold conveyor (2008)
  • Tilting weighing hopper hydraulic powered for aluminium scrap discharging (2011)
  • Hydraulic tilting chute for aluminium scrapes (2012)

FEMA - Cortenuova (BG)

  • Plates extracting unit for aluminium slag extraction and dosing (1993).


  • Transport and traitment system dust (2009) - China

LOBO - Cornaredo (MI)

  • Transport for metallic scrapes (1983)


  • Plant for aluminium slag storage, weighing and furnace loading for scraps (1982)
  • Powders storage plant slag (1988)
  • Scrap aluminium conveying and crushing plant (1990)
  • Powder continuous weighing plant (1993)
  • Powder pneumatic conveying plant (1993)
  • Chips and grains storage and extraction plant (1994)
  • Belt conveyors for aluminium scraps (1996)
  • Storage pneumatic plant for slag saline powders (1997)
  • Dosing, mixing, weighing plant for slag saline powders (1998)
  • Emptying Big/Bag and salty powders screening (1998)
  • Charging aluminium scraps in the weighing hopper plant (1999)
  • Dosing and continuous weighing plant for saline powders in the reactor (1999)
  • Storage weighing conveying plant for charging reverberatory furnace and rotating furnace (2000)
  • Weighing plant for reverberatory furnace (2002)
  • Aluminium dust dedusting plant for bucket elevators and belt conveyors (2003)
  • Storage, transport, drying and alimentation plant for turning and aluminium cullet (2007)
  • Trailer-mounted vibrating feeder for alimentation rotating melted furnace (2008)


  • Aluminium chips and grains storage and conveying plant (1994)
  • Storage, mining and weighing plant for powders of slag saline (1994)
  • Storage and weighing plant for aluminium chips and grains (1995)
  • Powders suction plant (1995)
  • Plant for aluminium slag storage, weighing and automatic furnace loading (1995)
  • Belt conveyors for loading existing silos (1995)
  • Powders exhausted filters plant (1996)
  • Storage and cooling plant for aluminium swarf (1999)
  • Storage, weighing in difference carrying and automatic plant for the sump - plates - sheet in the furnace (1999)
  • Storage and discharging plant for sump - plates and sheet (1999)
  • Storage, continuous weighing and feeding drier for Aluminium scraps (1999)
  • Conveying , continuous weighing and storage of mud coming from press filter in the box MUD1 (2000)
  • Riddling and feeding plant of post-heater for aluminium powder (2000)
  • Dynamic weighing and transport in to the storage box for aluminium mud. MUD2 (2001)
  • Dynamic weighing and transport in to the storage box for aluminium mud. MUD3 (2003 - in execution)
  • Storage, dynamic, weighing and dosing plant for rotating
  • drier feeding with aluminium scraps (2003)
  • Dynamic weighing system for belt conveyors (2004)


  • Feeding, drying, cooling and storage for Aluminium sheet and sump (2002 in execution)


  • Shock loaders for aluminium slag (1981)
  • Shock loaders for scrap aluminium furnace (Brazil - 1981)
  • Gas suction plant (Brazil - 1981)
  • Dosing belt conveyors for metal slag (Brazil - 1982)
  • Belt conveyors for batteries scrap recovery ( West Germany 1982)
  • Vibrating screens for aluminium scraps ( 1982)
  • Engineering and equipment supply for various plants (Brazil - United States 1982)
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