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 cullet plants – zippe
For these kinds of plants, it is reliable and low-wear handling and accurate weighing of cullet that are paramount. In addition to suitable conveyor units, it is the crushing, screening and sorting equipment that plays another key role in cullet plants. We manufacturer most of these components ourselves to the highest of quality standards ...

 recycling sorting machine: clarity - binder+co
Sorting by. + Color and Shape + Transmittance properties + Materialtype + Chemical composition + Electrical conductivity (inductive) Tasks. + Production of pure material- and color classes + Separation of contaminants and impurities + Material recovery + Quality control. Our sensor systems.

 amut - complete glass processing system
Plant for sorting mixed container glass cullet obtained from separated waste collection or from the primary sorting of “glass-plastic-tin/can” waste. COMPLETE GLASS PROCESSING SYSTEM.

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 binder+co - sorting - glass sorting plants by binder co
Multiple processing technologies in one glass sorting plant. One core competency of our company – screening technology – has had a positive effect on our glass processing. We are the absolute specialists in protective comminution processes. Our double roll crushers reduce cullet to the right size, while hardly producing any dust!

 glass recycling - sibelco
Optical sorting technology then separates the cullet into four distinct colours: Clear (99% flint) Green (mixed cullet) Amber (max 60% mixed cullet) Dead Leaf (low chromium oxide content) Most of our cullet products return to the container glass industry, enabling our customers to complete a valuable closed-loop recycling process.

 clarity - binder+co
As a result, entire sorting stages can be saved. • CLARITY Complete Technology can be installed in new plants, but can also be used as a plant-upgrade with no need of adapting any surroundings • All configurations of the standard CLARITY are also available in the Complete Technology version: • 2-/3-way sorting systems • Fine/coarse sorting

 single stream recycling - tomra - material sorting - waste recycling
About plastic recycling. Glass is fully recyclable and, unlike other packaging materials, can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Moreover, recycled glass or cullet has a lower melting point than virgin material resulting in significant energy savings.

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