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 pneumatic conveying systems – coperion
Pneumatic transportation can be built as a pressure or vacuum system. The most commonly applied pneumatic conveying mode is dilute phase conveying where particles are airborne. Depending on the size, shape and weight of the particles, the gas velocity will range from 4 to 40 m/s [4,000 to 8,000 ft/min].

 pneumatic transfer systems | conveyair
When you require maximum design flexibility, gentle product handling, and a hands-free grain handling system, Conveyair's Pneumatic Transfer System is the right choise for you. A PTS system makes grain handling easier, more economical, and safe with no augers to move or legs to maintain. All the main components are at ground level for easy access.

 english - zeppelin
Our vision. Pneumatic bulk material transport for plastic pellets over long distances can be replaced or complemented by a cableway system. With larger and larger plants being built, production and logistics sections are increasingly likely to be distant from each other, calling for new transport concepts.

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 designing pneumatic transfer system | magnum systems
Industry estimates show that most pneumatic conveying systems (80% vs 20%) are dilute phase instead of dense phase because they are more cost effective to purchase and to operate. Most use positive displacement blowers instead of compressors for generation of the air flow.

 propulsori bart e bart-one - air-tec system
Bart-One 150 – 300 – 600 - 900 litri. I propulsori Bart-One con capacità di 150, 300, 600 e 900 litri hanno una portata da 3 a 20 ton/h. Dotati di un avanzato sistema di controllo dell’aria immessa, sono idonei per trasporti fino a 70 metri e per pressioni fino a 6 bar. Hanno una bocca di carico di 200 e 250 mm di diametro.

 pneumatic system: definition, components, working, advantages [notes & pdf]
A pneumatic system is a connection of various components such as (compressors, intercoolers, controllers, and actuators), that converts the pressure energy of compressed air into mechanical work. Pneumatic systems are used where human strength and accuracy are not enough.

 mechatronic control system for a compliant and precise pneumatic rotary ...
In order to successfully operate a pneumatic drive unit with three or more working chambers, the torque specified by the controller has to be split up onto the working chambers. We transfer the well-known field-oriented control approach from electric motors to the investigated pneumatic drive unit to create such a torque mapping.

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