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 alfra lbw | oblong dosing system for bulk components
Dosing and weighing up to 6.000 kg, the ALFRA LBW combines quantity with quality. This fast, accurate and extremely robust weigher is oblong-shaped and doses raw materials like dry powders, granulates and pellets from up to 40+ silos. Dosing capacity is up to 300 tons/hour. For both LBWT and LBWS, a hybrid weighing system based on a single load ...

 alfra | raw material dosing
This method of raw material dosing is the most versatile solution for raw material dosing and discharging of powders and granulates. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, it combines very accurate raw material dosing and high capacity with extremely reliable operation. It also makes a great solution for raw material dosing of ...

 alfra gcd | small and medium components dosing system
For medium component dosing. Our ALFRA GCD dosing & weighing system with stationary weighing hopper is closed for low-dust operation. The system combines ingredients from up to 12 silos automatically. Combining high throughput with excellent accuracy, the system features our unique dosing slide, which ensures that dosing and weighing is no ...

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 weighing systems, mixing systems and dosing systems - ifa technology
The weighing, mixing and dosing systems from IFA Technology are designed for a wide variety of applications for the preparation of liquid media, but also for media with solids content or for pure bulk materials. In so-called HBV plants and systems (plants and systems for the production, treatment and use of solid and liquid substances), for ...

 weighing and dosing technology - systems
Dosing and weighing ... can integrate into your facility the appropriate dosing system and accompanying conveyor process for a wide variety of raw materials and additives such as stabilizers, lubricants, softeners, dyes, fillers, flame retardants, cross-linking agents, propellants or glass or carbon fiber. Our weighing and dosing systems make ...

 aviteq: weighing technology
AViTEQ offers customized weighing systems and dosing solutions for the precise weighing and controlled dosing of bulk materials. Our systems ensure reliable, accurate and smooth performance, adapted to your individual requirements and feed rates, whether for small or large bulk material quantities. With our worldwide service for systems in use ...

 products › ironmaking and steelmaking › raw material ... - danieli
Danieli Centro Met offers complete solutions for raw material handling systems. The systems are fully developed for material reception, storage in silos, extraction, weighing/dosing, transportation and feeding of ferroalloys and additives into electric arc furnaces, ladles at tapping position, ladle refining stations and scrap buckets.

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