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 industrial modernization: becoming future-ready in uncertain times
Industrial modernization: Becoming future-ready in uncertain times. BrandPost By Sergio Rio, Executive Advisor, VMware Tanzu. Aug 17, 20235 mins. Digital Transformation.

 modernization | nature, features, examples, & facts | britannica
Industrialism is a way of life that encompasses profound economic, social, political, and cultural changes. It is by undergoing the comprehensive transformation of industrialization that societies become modern. Modernization is a continuous and open-ended process.

 modernization - industrialization, urbanization, globalization
General features. Modernity must be understood, in part at least, against the background of what went before. Industrial society emerged only patchily and unevenly out of agrarian society, a system that had endured for 5,000 years.

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 key enabling technologies (kets) – a european priority for industrial ...
The technology roadmap defines the technology needs, stages and specific steps leading to SMEs’ industrial modernisation.

 modernization - globalization, industrialization, urbanization
Modernization - Globalization, Industrialization, Urbanization: Just as some groups of hunters and gatherers gave rise to agrarian society, some agrarian societies gave rise to industrial society. The shift toward modernity took place between the 16th and 18th centuries, and it originated in the countries of northwestern Europe—especially England, the Netherlands, northern France, and ...

 boosting innovation-led growth in regions in industrial transition ...
Back to iLibrary publication page. 1. Boosting innovation-led growth in regions in industrial transition. The chapter provides insights into past, current and future challenges of industrial transition and outlines how regions in industrial transition are affected by long-term megatrends, such as globalisation and digitalisation.

 eu industrial policy: between modernization and transformation of the ...
EU industrial policy ecologically modernises the automotive industry and fails to disrupt unsustainable pathways. •. Transformative industrial policy has to go beyond innovation and emphasize phase-out policies. •. The integration of workers’ perspectives is essential to prevent information failure and increase legitimacy. Abstract.

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