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 verallia group - recycling
Cullet, a resource at the heart of recycling The use of recycled glass (cullet) in the manufacturing process has major advantages. Cullet reduces the consumption of natural raw materials such as sand or synthetic materials such as sodium carbonate.

 julia vitrum plant produces improved cullet for o-i italy
Recycled glass, called cullet, is a main ingredient in the glass manufacturing process. The more recycled glass that goes into a batch to create new glass packaging requires less energy use, uses fewer raw materials, and creates less emissions. That’s why recycled glass is so valuable to the industry.

 long-term sustainability from the perspective of cullet recycling in ...
and quality recycling, investing in Italian cullet treatment centers where used glass is sorted, freed of impurities, and crushed to make clean cullet ready to be transformed into new glass.

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 recycled content | oi
We are also involved in cullet processing in Italy with one of the newest and most technologically advanced glass cullet treatment plants in the country. In the last three years, O-I invested approximately $6 million (USD) in glass recycling processing facilities around the world.

 a review of decarbonization options for the glass industry
The different fractions of cullets meet the quality requirements of different glass colors. Although low-quality green glass has cullet recycling rates of up to 95%, the cullet percentages of higher quality white glass are possibly up to 70% [14]. In some cases, it is also possible to achieve a recycling rate of 99% for green glass [39].

 glass recycling | springerlink
Requirement of recycling industrial wastes is nowadays an environmental and economic priority. Glass is identified as an eternal recyclable solid. Mostly, glass cullet is re-injected into container and window glass furnaces. The state of the art of glass recycling is presented in this chapter.

 recycling of post‐consumer glass: energy savings, co2 emission ...
Waste glass has to be sorted and prepared in dedicated cullet recycling (treatment) plants (CTP) to meet the strict quality standards often expressed in maximum mass fraction of ceramics, stones ...

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