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 verallia group - recycling
Recycling one ton of cullet saves an average of 1.2 tons of virgin raw materials. 19 cullet processing centers in 8 countries Most of our plants recycle all the cullet from their own production (internal cullet) and, wherever possible, they provide an outlet for used cullet from outside (external cullet).

 glass up-casting: a review on the current challenges in glass recycling ...
Moreover, due to the high weight to volume ratio of glass, transportation costs of external cullet to the treatment and recycling plants can amount to as much as one third of the total costs of recycling (Rose and Nothacker 2019) Footnote 2 and can be responsible for the highest amount of CO 2 emissions produced in eventually substituting raw materials with cullet (Surgenor et al. 2018).

 recycling | agc glass europe
1 tonne of cullet saves 1.2 tonnes of raw materials. Cullet allows to save a significant amount of melting energy. An increase with 10% more cullet means saving 2,5% of energy consumption. That means a strong decrease of CO 2 emission is possible thanks to cullet recycling. Recycling of 1 tonne of cullet allows to avoid the emission of 700 kg ...

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 european platform & action plan - close the glass loop
collection (“collection for recycling”), but at the point where cullet is effectively used in the glass furnace or in other applications (“real recycling”). In order ... glass manufacturers and cullet treatment plant operators to increase the use of glass micro-fractions in furnace-ready cullet. Circular design, consumer

 long-term sustainability from the perspective of cullet recycling in ...
and quality recycling, investing in Italian cullet treatment centers where used glass is sorted, freed of impurities, and crushed to make clean cullet ready to be transformed into new glass.

 a review of decarbonization options for the glass industry
The different fractions of cullets meet the quality requirements of different glass colors. Although low-quality green glass has cullet recycling rates of up to 95%, the cullet percentages of higher quality white glass are possibly up to 70% [14]. In some cases, it is also possible to achieve a recycling rate of 99% for green glass [39].

 glass cullet: the heart of zignago vetro’s project for sustainability
To reduce transport costs and CO2 emissions to a minimum, these partners are also responsible for delivery of the materials to the Group’s nearest cullet treatment centre. Zignago Vetro is delighted that this initiative has enjoyed remarkable success, especially with the medium-to-large wineries in Italy.

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