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 recycling | agc glass europe
Green energy Glass Recycling Glass is endlessly recyclable like no other product. Our main objective is to use as much glass cullet as possible in our production processes. The use of cullet avoids CO 2 emissions, since cullet requires less energy to melt, and replaces carbonated raw materials.

 julia vitrum plant produces improved cullet for o-i italy
Raw Materials & Waste, Recycling, Sustainability News – December 15, 2021 – Allen Mireles Julia Vitrum Plant Produces Improved Cullet for O-I Italy Glass is an ideal packaging material to support a low-waste circular economy.

 long-term sustainability from the perspective of cullet recycling in ...
The main purpose of this study is to give a critical explanation of the performance of the Italian container glass industry from the perspective of cullet being recycled, to outline the opportunities for transition towards circular business models that stimulate innovation in new sectors based on reverse-cycle activities for recycling.

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 glass up-casting: a review on the current challenges in glass recycling ...
This comes down to the lack of infrastructure for the collection, separation and purification of glasses different in composition and surface treatment than container glass, the distrust of glass producers to pollute their ovens with recycled cullet of various compositions, and the quality reduction that typical thin-walled glass products experi...

 verallia group - recycling
The figures By adding 10% more cullet to the production process, the CO2 emissions of a glass furnace are reduced by 5% and its energy consumption by 2.5% Recycling one ton of cullet saves an average of 1.2 tons of virgin raw materials. 9 cullet processing centers in 6 countries

 end-of-waste criteria for glass cullet: technical proposals - europa.eu
glass recycling and an analysis of the economic, environmental and legal impacts when glass cullet ceases to be waste. The report has been produced by the JRC-IPTS based on the contributions of experts from member states and the stakeholders by means of a Technical Working Group (TWG). The experts contributed

 commission regulation (eu) no 1179/2012 of 10 december 2012 ...
ation, on the treatment processes and techniques, as well as on the glass cullet resulting from the recovery operation fulfil those objectives as they should result in the generation of cullet devoid of hazardous properties and sufficiently free of non-glass components. (4) In order to ensure compliance with the criteria, it is

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