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 good practices for batch charging into the process - glass
• Enclose the charging area as far as technically feasible. • Assure the batch is charged at the appropriate humidity factor into the furnace. • Furnace hoppers for the wet batch material should have an opening as small as practicable. • Furnace hopper to be equipped with high level detection linked to alarming system to avoid overfilling.

 batch charging – zippe
The charging capacity is automatically determined by the glass level measuring system by changing the motor speed. The intermediate hopper and pusher are mounted on a swivel unit which can be swivelled by 35° / 44° by means of an electrically operated cylinder, guaranteeing optimal batch charging.

 glass production technology - eme
Batch plants worldwide trust EME’s electric control and automation system to monitor their process. Using a robust and reliable interface and structure, it also comes with our unbeatable customer service. Simple yet comprehensive, our electric control and automation system is fully customisable to fit all glassmakers’ needs.

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 batch charging - eme
Batch Charging. No matter what type of furnace you have, EME has the ideal batch charging solution for your company. The equipment is bespoke to assure it operates at its best, considering the glass recipe, cullet content, heating system and doghouse characteristics.

 batch chargers | glassworks
We are the most experienced provider for batch charging technology with a consultancy service that’s second to none, offering a wide range of standard and bespoke charging solutions to match all your requirements. The addition of raw materials to the melting furnace is critical in the glass-making process.

 furnace glass level control | eurotherm limited
To get the furnace back to its normal glass level it would be necessary to increase the batch charge speed and charge tonnage. However, the glass level control needs to take the melting capacity of the furnace into account and should not try to fill up the furnace with batch as quickly as possible, which will eventually result in unwanted glass quality problems.

 batch charging systems - falorni tech
The design, development, and mechanical processing of our batch charging machine is made in our workshop in Empoli. We supply three families of batch chargers each developed for a specific job. Screw type for the continuous furnace of small capacity with flexible pull. Oscillating tray-type for small and medium capacity furnaces. Oscillating ...

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