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 chain scraper – water and wastewater treatment
The most common chain scraper system scrapes sludge from the bottom and skims surface of the tank. A cross collector can be installed in the sludge hopper for transferring the sludge to the removal system. The rectangular scraper is designed to remove grease and oil and other floating solids from the surface of the wastewater and settlement tanks.

 chain scraper - filtramas
SOLIDS DRAG MECHANISMS > Chain Scraper INTRODUCTION: The CP-6 chain scraper manufactured by FILTRAMAS is the result of an extensive experience in this type of system developed in the United States and widely used in the European Nordic countries. The chain scraper can be used for bottom sweeping, surface sweeping or both, always made of…Continue reading →

 plastic chain scraper | hydria water
Scraper collector chains. The plastic collector chain type NCS 720S is made of an acetal resin which is a highly suitable plastic when it comes to chemical-, corrosion- and wear resistance and yet does not compromise on the strength or durability of the chain. The chain pitch is 6” or ~152 mm and the maximum break load is over 3100 kg.

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 chain and flight scrapers - kwi
Chain and Flight Scrapers. Our innovative scraper systems can be fully customized to suit every application. We offer compatible, highly efficient complete solutions for all clients. Key Features and Benefits. Highly anti-corrosive material. Ultra-high strength and long length flights. High ...

 conveyor chains - scraper chains | makelsan chain
Scraper chain conveyor is ideal for carrying bulk non-abrasive materials, horizontally or up a small incline, these conveyors feature a closed box.The chains scrape the floor of the box and return on guide rails at the top of the box.With a single chain, scraper flights of integral malleable steel or in the form of L attachments protrude on ...

 euromac | chain scraper
DAF chain scraper Surface skimming DAF chain scraper Euromac è un marchio del gruppo ECO.M. srl - Via Missori 2 - 20823 Lentate sul Seveso (MB) Italy - Tel 0362564190 - 0362560477

 chain scraper conveyor | beltconveyorequipment.com
Chain scraper conveyor. En masse Buried Chain Scraper Conveyor is used in horizontally (or not more than 15 °) transporting powder or small granular materials. The chain scraper conveyor is reasonable, novel structure, long service life, high reliability operation, energy efficient, sealing, safe and convenient maintenance. There are two ...

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